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Divided England: The Biggest Rivalries in The English Premier League (EPL) – Part II

Divided England: The Biggest Rivalries in The English Premier League (EPL) – Part II

Let’s talk about a couple of other exciting rivalries in the Premier League. This time we look at the cities of Manchester and Liverpool!

Liverpool v Everton

Everton’s Goodison Park and Liverpool’s Anfield are only a mile apart, on either side of Stanley Park. Anfield was the original home of Everton before several board members left to create another club that would become Liverpool FC. Both clubs then made the short trip across Stanley Park to exchange stadiums, and the rest is history!

The rivalry between Liverpool and Everton goes way beyond just football. The support for these clubs divides families, friends, and every other social aspect of life in the city. It is the longest-running top-flight derby in England and it has seen both teams play each other every season since 1962. The 1980s was the golden era for both of these clubs. At that time, they were battling for league titles and cups, and their matches against each other were vital to this success. More recently, Liverpool have emerged as the dominant club, as they are the team that is regularly competing for trophies these days.

Manchester United v Manchester City

The United and City grounds are separated by just 4 miles and this is another example of families being split in support of 2 city rivals. Manchester United have traditionally been the dominant team in this fixture and therefore the best team in Manchester. However, in the 2010s Manchester City began to challenge in this match and the games have become closer and closer, as City have grown stronger by the year!

Manchester City’s most famous victory over their rivals came when they dramatically sealed their EPL title in 2012. Sergio Aguero’s last-minute goal pipped United to the trophy and gave City their first top-flight league success in 44 years. This derby is more significant now than ever, as City are finally being respected as a real rival in the sense of challenging for trophies. Pep Guardiola has taken this team to the next level and City are now arguably the better club in Manchester!

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