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Funniest Own-Goals Ever – Part II

Funniest Own-Goals Ever – Part II

Own-goals are the funniest thing you can see on a football field. Let’s check out three more of the most amusing ever!

Tony Popovic – Portsmouth vs. Crystal Palace (2004)

Perhaps the only thing anyone will remember about ex-Crystal Palace player Tony Popovic is this spectacular and hilarious own goal against Portsmouth in 2004. The goal is reminiscent of Gianfranco Zola’s incredible effort for Chelsea in the 2000/01 FA Cup, but unfortunately for Popovic it’s at the wrong end!

The defender meets a cross by lazily flinging out his right boot. Somehow he miraculously redirects the ball into the far corner with his heel. For this attempted clearance, the centre-back goes down in the own-goal of hall of fame!

Vincent Kompany – Manchester City vs. Fulham (2013)

Vincent Kompany’s sliced clearance that looped into his own net back in 2013 will be remembered as one of the best English Premier League own-goals ever.

A relatively tame cross is met with a wild swing of the defender’s boot, sending the ball spinning high into the air, over the goalkeeper, and in off the far post! 

While the Belgian centre-back is one of the finest defenders to have played in the Premier League, this was a rather amateurish moment from Manchester City’s ex-captain!

Fernando Marcal – Paris Saint-Germain vs. Lyon (2020)

It’s hard enough to play the European powerhouse that is Paris Saint-Germain at the best of times, trying as hard as possible to negate the attacking threats of Kylian Mbappe, Angel Di Maria, and these days Lionel Messi!

Therefore, in this Ligue 1 encounter, the last thing Lyon need is their left-back smashing the ball into his own net. But what a smash it is, as he powers in the own-goal, after Julian Draxler’s hopeful ball back into the box!

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